Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday 10/25 @ The Promontory

Saturday 10/25 10pm-2am
Promontory After Dark from 11:30pm-2am 
featuring DJ Sean Alvarez
This part of the evening is FREE!

Ramsey Lewis Electric Band w/Philip Bailey from Earth Wind & Fire performing live @10pm.
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5311 S. Lake Park
Hyde Park Chicago

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday 10/24: AfroFuturistic celebrates Fela and "Afrofuturism"

Friday October 24th 2014: 930pm-3:30am

Soulful Cosmic Indigenous Dance Music

Featuring DJs
Sean Alvarez
Rae Chardonnay

Hosted by
Discopoet Khari B

This is also a celebration for:
Afrobeat Pioneer Fela Kuti’s Birthday!
The 1 Year Anniversary of Ytasha Womack’s book “Afrofuturism”
Since October 31st is 7 days in the future from this event Afrofuturism themed costumes
and attire are welcomed.

Underground Wonder Bar (Downstairs in the Basement)
710 N. Clark St
$5 Cover

AfroFuturistic is a celebration of emerging creative and progressive ideas & actions rooted in the African diaspora. We connect with our ancestral roots by using our spiritual antennas as well as follow the blueprint of our elders to broadcast our vibrations through sound, energy, and movement. The sound is deep, melodic, electronic, indigenous, cosmic, creative, jazzy, soulful & spiritual and possesses the rhythmic textures of dance/house music. The momentum, energy, and vibe of the music creates residual effects of enlightenment and satisfaction of the soul. Join us Friday October 24th 2014 as we celebrate this sacred art form and collectively send positive vibrations into the universe and await their return. Journey with us to the next level as we conduct a current to electrify your mind body and soul!